Live Action

Selections of narratives that use actual, real life, living, breathing, farting humans. They may have animated elements in them, but are more strictly under the umbrella of ‘traditional’ film/video.

Sushi - Short Film (2018)

Buck Brown, a college student, is forced to drop out when he discovers hit pet fish Sushi is feeling homesick. A short film directed & edited by Chez, Written by Chez & Alex, starring Lázaro Garcia, Jenny Delacruz, Fabian Villa, and Alex Rosales


I dance in front of a camera for absolutely no financial gain sometimes. Here’s a selection of films I worked on with Alex Rosales

Thomas Barkley, a Guidance Counselor, tries to balance managing high schoolers' problems when his own life is a mess. A Short Film Directed by Alex Rosales, Starring Justin Cox, Gabriel Chez, Alia Moussa, Janice Jackson, Luis Hernandez, Paulina Sanchez, and Hailey Castro.

Two young juveniles target an Old Man's house to burglarize, unbeknownst to them on the day the Old Man is planning his suicide.

An Old Man gets fired for being old. Also Gabriel Chez. He's the key to all this. His smart and handsome carries this whole thing to the abrupt and confusing conclusion that only those who know what it is will get. ITS ABOUT FIRING SOMEONE.


Sometimes I dance and pretend to sing as well. Still not paid to do it... yet...

Every year, DASH hosts a day to celebrate every heritage under it's wing. We eat, we dance, and we watch an hour long talent show that is loosely connected to the cultures they represent.