Face Off (2018)

Here are 2D/3D digital illustrations of caricatures of friends and family having awkwardness and tension that escalates into an inevitable fight. 

Although animation and cartooning have been a large influence in my work through medium and composition, I am mainly inspired by unusual observations within life, such as how people theatrically interact with foods, environment, and each other, turning people into caricatures of themselves to reveal deeper inner-truths. I am drawn to caricature because it is the act of exaggerating or oversimplifying, and how it can simultaneously clarify like a magnifying glass or obscure like a mask. I aim to elevate caricature by not only warping or exaggerating faces, but reflecting on the concept of distortion and miscommunication. 

When people see my work, I want them to first have a powerful reaction whether it be laughter or awe, and be interested enough to want to understand why the image was composed, discovering what is beyond the surface themselves, beyond the theatrical, and beyond the caricature.