Experimental Animation

The Party (2019) 

just don't go

Groovy Tuesday (2019) 

It was a groovy Tuesday.

Digital Witness 360 VR Experience (2019) 

"Digital Witness" Instrumental by St. Vincent, 3D Visuals by Gabriel Chez

God is Good 360 VR Experience (2019) 

a digital footprint, made using archival photos, videos, and recordings on multiple hard-drives and content found on the internet. Made with James Balo

head trip (2018)

Recording of God (2019) 

Gabriel and Chris on their pilgrimage to the holy land

Nudes: The Game 

A game show styled interactive piece where I ask a guy and a gal to come up and compete against one another to draw an abstraction of my ‘nude’, only to end up collaborating at the end of the game, and creating an abstraction of my abstraction of Albrecht Dürer’s Adam and Eve where I am drawn as both figures.

The music featured in the game was made by myself and Fabian Villa, Jenny Delacruz helped play-test the game.


Nudes: The Game - Documentary

Caricature Bounce (2017)

30 Illustrations of caricatures of my face compiled into an animation. They are mixed media (from watercolor, markers to 3D-modeling software), but most were created in Procreate.

Some of the heads were created in Blender (3D-Modeling Software). Here are some videos showing them off. + an extra illustration!

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