Welcome to the archive. 

Here you will find ooooooooold old work. It’s nice to look back and see my progress as an artist so I figure hey, why not humbly show some god awful embarrassing work? This also keeps me working—the goal being to continuously add to the archive so I’m forced to make bigger and better works, ya dig?

Locust Projects [LAB] (2016)

In 2016, Locust Projects presented the 7th year of LAB (Locust Arts Builders). 22 student artists and I were were selected from an open call and had the opportunity to create a collaborative exhibition at Locust Projects in Miami’s Design District. 

Under the direction of Miami-based contemporary visual artists Monica Lopez de Victoria (of the TM Sisters) and Francesco Lo Castro, we created a collaborative exhibition and managed all aspects of the show’s production. We also visited art institutions on field trips and interacted with invited members of the local art community at Locust Projects during the three-week summer intensive. The exhibition concept was our collective and conflicting experiences with the advancement of technology and communication.

The LAB program extends Locust Projects’ longstanding commitment to experimentation and innovation in artistic practice to the next generation of South Florida artists. LAB promotes contemporary art and project-based learning as a means to encourage creativity, critical analysis, and problem solving, while also helping participants to develop their communication skills. This unique initiative allows young artists to learn the practical aspects and experience the excitement of creating a public exhibition in collaboration with their peers.

I helped others in the making of their sections, but my main contribution was the pixelated hole-in-the-wall with tape subsections and a projected animation.

Driving Animation

I made a loop of driving through Miami to be played and projected on top of the pink inflatable during the exhibition. Max Furster created the music in the video.

Animated Shorts (2017)

A couple animations created in the summer precollege animation program at Otis College of Art and Design. They're ok.

Inaction in Action (2017)

A collage using a 60" x 30" canvas, acrylic, huge prints, and ink. Basically about nihilism and societal apathy.


Sugar Daddy (2017)

A soda bottle label design combining 2D, 3D, and photographic elements.


Graphic Designer Trading Cards (2016)

10 cards that parody famous graphic design imagery.


Political Cartooning (2016) 

SVA Summer Cartooning (2016)

I attended School of Visual Arts's Precollege program in New York and created a 10 page comic in just 3 weeks. It's about Da Vinci creating a machine-learning robot that was created to help him complete simple tasks, but eventually is capable of replacing him.